Wednesday, 17 October 2012

dude you should think about reading

Who has time to read? With so many entertainment options and educational demands competing for time, reading for fun may not be high on a teenager’s list. But as the adage goes, kids need to “use it or lose it.” To become good readers who are prepared for the future, they should read often and widely.

Parents, you need to model the behaviour you want your teen to develop… they need to see you reading for pleasure! If they see that you find it enjoyable they are more likely to try it as well. Talk about what you have been reading and share the books you think they would like.

Students are more likely to engage in active and effective reading if they have a buddy to help them in their endeavor. The Reading Education Assistance Dogs (R.E.A.D.) program pairs schools with reading dogs. These dogs sit patiently with students and listen while they are read to. If your school cannot, or does not want to, become part of such a program, pair students with stuffed animals and allow them to read aloud to their fluffy companions. The addition of an animal, stuffed or alive, makes the process more enjoyable for student readers and increases their motivation to work toward becoming effective readers. 
 This me and my dog. I love my dog Missy and I will try to read with her so I find it more entertaining

I'll be honest....reading isn't my favourite thing to do but I at least I give my honest effort in trying to read. Reading to me is very time consuming and can be boring but making it fun is what counts most. Make reading fun by reading the same book as your friends are reading and talk about it.  
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  1. Dude, I look forward to more posts. Let's go book shopping this weekend!